As an owner or renter at Coral Falls Resort, you are able to enjoy the Lely Resort and discover all of the natural beauty that this community has to offer. From the 30 miles of sidewalks, you can walk past homes that are priced from under $400,000 to well over $2 million. You can enjoy sweeping views of the three beautiful golf courses or pause to enjoy the birds on the many fine lakes. There is always an element of suspense during these walks when you pass by the “Alligator Warning” signs. With the everglades almost across the street – who knows if this is the day that an alligator will wander into Lely Resort to also enjoy the amenities?

Anyone who lives in this part of southwest Florida will know where you are staying when you say “Lely” because of the “Freedom Horses” visible from Route 41. Not everyone, however, is familiar with their “story”.

The Story of the Lely Freedom Horses

The Lely Freedom Horse Monument represents the very best in cultural achievement by combining the talents of several world-class artisans. Veryl Goodnight was selected from a field of fifty sculptors to design the bronze life-and-a-quarter size horses. Her talents were combined with those of the Larson Company of Tucson, Arizona who designed and fabricated the Florida limestone caprock water feature. The entire process of consultant selection, design, fabrication and installation took three years and involved the skills of over twenty companies.

First came hundred of sketches, then a six-inch high study, and finally a fully developed, ¼ lifesize working model. The culmination of thousands of hours of creativity and hard work is the larger-than-life monument at the Lely Resort entrance.

“The horse has been used by artists throughout the centuries to symbolize strength, power and freedom,” said Veryl Goodnight.

Horse models were brought into Veryl’s studio. In fact, the stallion model was Robert Redford’s favorite “Rising Star,” the horse he rode in the movie “The Electric Horseman.”

The horses were fabricated in the Valley Bronze Foundry in Joseph, Oregon and are constructed of bronze weighing approximately 1 ton each. The fountain was fabricated of fiberglass reinforced concrete panels, carefully assembled to replicate indigenous Florida limestone. A highly specialized pumping and ozone purification system operates the patented hoof water jets and is accented by a fog mist system that comes on in early morning and early evening hours.

Dedication of the Lely Freedom Horses took place on Saturday, July 24, 1992. In late 2005 and early 2006 they also underwent a complete $1M building project. The original Freedom Horses will be joined, in the summer of 2006, with three additional horses to be built at the Lely entrance off of Route 951.

The Lely Fees

All of the beauty at Lely Resort does not come without a cost. As an owner at Coral Falls Resort, you are accessed an expense on your annual real estate bill. Currently the Lely Community Development District (LCDD) operates and maintains the following elements of the community:

  1. Roadways & Street Lighting
  2. Storm Water Management System, Including Lake & Water Control Structures
  3. Water Management Facilities
  4. Common Area Landscaping
  5. Roving Patrols
  6. Conservation Area Preservation & Maintenance
All property owners pay for the operation and maintenance (O & M) of the CDD improvements through an annual assessment along with debt service (annual principal, interest and admin) on the LCDD’s capital improvement bonds. At the present time, the O & M expense for a Coral Falls unit is $553.23 per year and will expire in the year 2013. This can be paid off in advance which results in a savings.