Coral Falls Resort has many units which are available to rent. Of the 64 units that are here, approximately ½ can be rented for some or all of the year. A small number of un-furnished units are rented on an annual basis but most of the rental units are furnished and rented on a weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual basis.

Coral Falls Resort does not have an on-site rental office where you might learn about which units are available for rent. We have four bulletin boards on-site which give important information to our residents but none of them has “unit rental information”. Our property is managed by Sandcastle CM but even they do not have a listing of available rental units. Each owner manages their own unit or hires a rental agent to manage their rentals. The best way to learn about available units is to search the internet using the following keywords: “Coral Falls”, “Naples” and “Rental”. It is important to include “Naples” because there is another “Coral Falls” which has apartments in another city. I have listed below a number of websites you might check out:,-fl

Note: Some owners are listed on multiple sites.

If you are considering renting a unit at Coral Falls, there are a number of things you should know:

We pride ourselves on being a clean, friendly and quiet location that is close to everything. Our units are in demand and we are pleased to have many renters who are “regulars”.