As you arrive at Coral Falls, you will see that we have three buildings. Building 1 (9185 Celeste Dr.) is on the left, Building 2 (9175 Celeste Dr.) is in the center and Building 3 (9165 Celeste Dr.) is on the right. Each building has an elevator that goes to the top floor with stairways on either end. Handicap parking is closest to the elevators with a ramp area from the parking surface to first floor sidewalk. Each unit is allocated two general parking spots with none assigned to specific units.

All buildings are constructed to meet hurricane requirements using reinforced concrete. The roof is constructed using tar and rubber membrane with tile over that. During hurricane Wilma, we sustained only landscaping, minor roof tile and trim damage. The unit layout of each building is summarized below:

Unit Layout
9185 Celeste Dr. – Building 1

Unit Layout
9175 Celeste Dr. – Building 2
2-401 2-402 2-403 2-404 2-405 2-406 2-407 2-408
2-301 2-302 2-303 2-304 2-305 2-306 2-307 2-308
2-201 2-202 2-203 2-204 2-205 2-206 2-207 2-208
2-101 2-102 2-103 2-104 2-105 2-106 2-107 2-108

Unit Layout
9165 Celeste Dr. – Building 3
3-301 3-302 3-303 3-304   
3-201 3-202 3-203 3-204 3-205 3-206
3-101 3-102 3-103 3-104 3-105 3-106

There are a total of three bicycle racks for your use when you are here. Owners are requested to move their bicycles into their units when they are away. Dumpsters are provided north of building 9165 and south of 9185 for your use. Also, a number of recycle bins are located in that same area. Please properly dispose of your trash and recyclables so that those areas do not attract varmints.

A total of three keys are needed on the premises. They are a door key, a mail box key and pool area restroom key another key which opens the gate to get into the pool area and also unlock the pool bathroom door. Each unit should have a set of “Resident Rules” which must be adhered to during your visit.  "Resident Rules" are also posted on many of the bulletin boards. Please be respectful of your neighbors. All owners at Coral Falls Resort believe we have a quality facility and work hard to insure that all residents have an enjoyable time and will want to come back again.