Coral Falls Resort was the vision of IAK Florida Lau, L.L.C. a Developer who had done a building in Cape Coral and wanted to expand into the Naples area. The original vision was to market the Coral Falls units in Germany to owners who would come during their “high” season which was summer here. When these owners were back in Germany, their units would be rented to others during the winter months.

The initial design was for 2 elevators in each building and covered walkways to adjacent buildings. There would be 17 covered carports with a 4’ by 4’ storage room in each and room for more if needed. Early literature described the amenities as “private pool and spa with waterfall, beach and barbecue area amid beautifully landscaped gardens”. Before the first building could be started, IAK Florida Lau lost their German funding and then secured local funding to start the project. Most of the amenities listed above were removed and the marketing plan was changed to include selling units to owners and investors in the United States.

Our original name was “Tropical Gardens Resort” but was changed to “Coral Falls Resort” which was believed to be a better name to market. The legal description of Coral Falls was prepared in June 1999 and the Articles of Incorporation were filed later that year.

Construction started on the first building (9165 Celeste Dr.) about June, 2002. The first two units purchased were units 103 and 105 on April 11, 2003 with 103 occupied first. Construction on second building (9175 Celeste Dr.) was delayed to comply with changing fire suppression requirements. Construction began about June, 2003 and the first unit purchased was unit 304 on March 19, 2004.

Construction on the final building (9185 Celeste Dr.) was also delayed to comply with changing hurricane requirements. Construction began June, 2004 and the first unit purchased was unit 204 on July 1, 2005.

When the buildings were under construction, the Association Board was appointed by the builders. The first Board was composed of Michael Kerner, Ulrike Kerner and Norma Vincent. The initial officers were Michael Kerner (both President and Vice President) and Ulrike Kerner (Secretary/Treasurer). Association control was transferred to the condominium owners on December 2004. Several people “volunteered” to serve on the Board of Directors in the first year. On February 16, 2006 the first owner-managed annual meeting was held and the three incumbent Board Members were elected to a second 1-year term.

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who helped launch the Coral Falls Resort Association.