Effective 1/1/07

  1. Nothing is to be placed on the walkway in front of your unit or around the elevator, terrace or stairways such as bicycles, chairs, shopping carts, tables, rugs, mats, garbage cans, debris or other objects. Welcome mats may be placed in the door recess area only. Children may not play or loiter in these areas.

  2. Exterior apartment doors must not be blocked or otherwise left open.

  3. All personal property is to be stored within the unit and lanai.

  4. No linens, cloths, clothing, curtains, rugs, mops, laundry or any other article may be shaken or hung from any window, door or walkway area.

  5. No objects are to fall from any window, lanai or door of the unit. No dirt may be swept or thrown from the unit into the common area. Water may be used for cleaning the lanai area.

  6. All refuse is to be bagged in sealed garbage bags and placed in dumpsters at the end of buildings 9165 & 9185. Glass, plastic, can and paper products are to be placed in the proper recycle bin. Please flatten all cardboard boxes before putting them in the appropriate recycle bin. If the dumpster or recycle bins are full, refuse may not be placed around the dumpster or any other place in the common area. Refuse and recycle pickup days are posted by the dumpsters. Bulk pickup of large items can be arranged by calling the Association Manager, Ed De Armas at 239-596-7200.

  7. Do not dispose of any diapers, feminine products or other objects in the water closets or sink drain on the Condominium Property. If any building plumbing requires repairs, the unit owner will be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

  8. No unit owner or resident shall direct or supervise any employee of the Association.

  9. Only patio furniture and furnishings may be placed and used on any lanai. All other items must be submitted to the Association Board and this Board reserves the right to approve or disapprove of any other items.

  10. All residents are to be considerate of their neighbors by making no disturbing noises and by playing all sound devices at a reasonable volume. All residents shall lower volume between 11PM and 7AM. No resident shall permit vocal or instrumental instruction at any time.

  11. No sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering is to be placed upon any part of the unit or common area without written permission from the Association Board.

  12. No inflammable or explosive substances are to be kept in any unit or lanai except those required for normal household use. LP gas barbeques and charcoal grills are not permitted on the lanai or walkway.

  13. No bicycles, scooters, baby carriages, similar vehicles, toys or other personal articles shall stand in any driveway, sidewalk, or walkway. When in residence all bicycles are to be placed in designated areas.

  14. Food and beverages may be consumed outside of unit only under the pool house roof shelter and chickee hut area. Food and beverages may not be consumed in any other area inside the pool complex. No glass containers of any kind are allowed in these areas. Infants in the pool area must wear disposable swim diapers. The pool complex is closed from dusk to 7 AM daily.

  15. Only dogs, cats and birds may be kept in a Unit. The total weight of all pets shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds and the total number of dogs plus cats can not exceed two. Pets shall not be allowed on the lanai unless the resident is present. All cats are to remain indoors at all times. All dogs must be kept on a leash when outside the Unit and residents must clean up after their dogs.

  16. Units equipped with permanent hurricane shutters such as “roll-down” or ‘curtain” type shutters may be opened or closed at will as the need arises and may be left closed when the unit is unoccupied. The temporary hurricane shutters in Building 9185 are manually installed and may be placed on the outside of windows and on the lanai only during hurricane season (May – Nov).

  17. No trade, business, profession or other type of commercial activity may be conducted from any unit.

  18. No solicitors are permitted on the Condominium Property at any time except by individual appointment with residents.

  19. No nonfunctioning or unregistered vehicle or commercial vehicle with company logo or name will be allowed on the Condominium Property. Short term service vehicles are permitted. All vehicles must be parked to comply with any posted rules including honoring all handicapped areas. Skateboarding is not permitted in any common area including parking lot.

  20. Any residential complaints shall be made to the Association Manager, Ed De Armas at 239-596-7200 or by writing him at P. O. Box 8478, Naples, FL 34101-8478.