Q: Can I rent units through the Coral Falls Association?

A: No. Each unit owner is free to rent units themselves or through a rental agent.

Q: How can I find out about which units are available for rent?

A: A search of the internet using “Coral Falls” and “Naples” and “Rental” should do the trick.

Q: What other rules must I comply with?

A: Resident Rules and Regulations are posted on this website and should be given to you by the rental agent. Compliance with these rules is required of all owners, guests, and renters, as is compliance with the Association’s bylaws. Each unit owner is responsible for damage to all property caused by the owner, guests or renters.

Q: Am I required to pay use fees for pool/spa use?

A: No.

Q: Can units be accessed by wheel chair?

A: Yes and no. There are ramps from the parking surface to the sidewalks. All floors can be reached by elevator. The front door to each unit is 35 inches wide with a short sill. Units, however, have a 6 inch lip in the master shower and a 1-2 inch lip on the lanai. The Association is not aware if the interior of any rental unit has been built to accommodate wheelchairs.

Q: Can I smoke in my unit?

A: Check with the rental agent to know if smoking in the unit is permitted.

Q: Can I bring my cat or dog?

A: The Coral Falls Association rules explain that 1 cat and 1 dog is permitted with a total weight of 50 pounds or less. Individual units may have further pet restrictions.